Video Poker Myths

By | December 11, 2017

There are a number of myths that have become prevalent since video poker was first introduced about 25 years ago. Many people have come up with theories about the game, and these have been passed off as truths to other players. Here is a rundown of some of the most common myths, along with an explanation of each that will help you to obtain a better understanding of how video poker really works.

Myth #1: Play Only 9-6 Machines

This myth is based in fact, but does not always apply. In the case of Draw Poker machines that pay on jacks or better and 2 for 1 on 2 pairs, this advice is accurate. However, this still only applies if the machine is a full-pay version.

There are now many different varieties of video poker machines or video poker online that have become popular. These machines have different payouts. On the double bonus machines with reduced payout on 2 pairs, look for the 10-7 version.

Remember that as new strategies develop, casinos often purchase newer machines that are designed to make the casino more money if the popular strategy is used. Keep yourself educated about the type of machines that are being used at your casino.

Myth #2: Dollar Machines Pay More

This is usually not true for video poker. However, it often does apply to reel-slots. In video poker, the same microprocessors are used regardless of the amount it costs to play. Of course, if you play at a machine that costs more to play, the payout will be higher if you do win. But you will also lose more if you don’t win.

Myth #3: Play Where the Locals Play

It is said that when you are in Las Vegas, you should frequent the same casinos that the locals go to, rather than the large casinos on the strip. This is not always a good strategy.

First of all, these casinos often offer plenty of clinkers as well. They usually push the machines that don’t pay well. And the machines that do pay well are usually already taken by the locals, who often play two or three machines at a time.

On the other hand, the casinos on the strip are in direct competition, so they have reason to offer just as good an experience for players as the smaller casinos. For this reason, you are just as likely to find good machines at a larger casino as you are at the smaller ones.

Myth #4: Play Maximum Coins

If you are not experienced enough to know the best strategy for the machine you are playing, the best bet is to play just one coin per machine. If you are going to play more than one coin, then you should try to play five coins on each machine.

Myth #5: Video Poker Games are Regulated

This is true in most areas. However, be cautious when playing at foreign casinos or aboard shipboard casinos. Some casinos run by Native Americans also have unfair games. If the machines that are being used in the casino were made in another country, they may not have been manufactured according to the same standards that are adhered to in the United States.

Also, games that offer bonuses as gimmicks can cause confusion among players and should be avoided.

Myth #6: It’s All Luck

This is what players like to tell themselves when they love to play but can’t seem to get good enough to win. Yes, there is luck involved, but the game requires skill as well. If you make the right plays, you will be able to stay on the machine longer, which will increase your chance of hitting the jackpot.